Liam Moore

Liam Moore is a composer and baritone who is comfortable writing and performing all kinds of music. He feels at home anywhere between the concert hall and the bar stage, but primarily composes choral music, chamber music and art song. In addition to singing, Liam plays cello, piano, guitars and percussion. He also plays trombone very badly. 

Liam holds a Bachelor’s degree in music composition from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where he also studied choral conducting, piano, voice and sound design for visual and performing arts. After spending five years in Madison, he now lives in Saint Paul.

Outside of Minnesota and Wisconsin, Liam’s music has been performed in New York, Washington, and also in Italy. Liam is inspired to write by many things in life, from visual art and poetry to chemistry and physics, as well as a myriad of musical influences across the board. 

Currently, Liam has a number of musical projects on his plate, including a cello piece following the evolution of Vincent van Gogh’s artistic style, an ever-growing list of wonderful texts to set, and a work with a colleague that explores audio-to-video translation.