David Phillip Norris

David Philip Norris is a writer and composer from Bloomington, MN. Born into a musical family, he developed a fascination with storytelling and language, and with the intersections between text, music, and drama. A pianist by training, David is passionate about writing for the voice and using it to explore the rich facets of the human experience. He is also enthralled by history and by connecting to the past through ancient voices—John Donne, Catullus, the anonymous poets of the Carmina Burana, and most recently Beatriz de Dia. In addition to music he has written for theater, he has had work premiered by trumpeter Judson Scott, Tim Zimmerman and the King’s Brass, and soprano April Fredrick in the U.K. David earned a degree in music composition in 2004 from the University of Northwestern in Saint Paul, MN, where he studied composition with Leonard Danek, and voice with Catherine McCord Larsen.