Elizabeth Alexander
A Love Like That: Songs of Unconditional Love (multiple keys, scores on website) (taken: BM/BS)
     A Garrett of Old Playthings (taken: CK/JT)
     Trouble in a Minnesota Town (taken: JJ/WM)

Catherine Dalton
      Turning into April
      Silent Tears

Jocelyn Hagen (taken: RS/TB)
Kiss - Your hands
    Kiss - One more
    Kiss - How to bone a fish
    Kiss - In the dreamed of places

Linda Tutus Haugen
Garland Songs (soprano) (cycle to be performed w/o instruments, ok'd by LTH)
     If I am to be Remembered (taken: AP/HLN)

Edie Hill
     Questo Muro
     Giver of Stars: 6 Poems of Amy Lowell 
     Between the Limbs (high voice) 

Reinaldo Moya
     Song of Pelele
     2 Canciones de Alfonsia Storni (mezzo)
     I Wish My Heart Could Paint

Timothy C. Takach
    Departure (cycle for high voice) (taken: AK/ADH)
    Where Beauty Comes From (cycle for high voice) (taken: SF/CC)
    The Singing Lesson (song for high voice)

David Evan Thomas
Divine Images (mezzo)
     Grace and Stir: Three Poems of A.D. Hope (high)
     The king of love (high or mezzo)
     The Wings of the Morning (high or mezzo) 
    Two Spirituals (Deep River/Steal Away) (high or mezzo)