MN Duo 

MNDuo is a workshop for pianist/singer duos.  With an emphasis on collaboration and partnership, duos have the opportunity to participate in masterclasses, coachings, and seminars given by local and international artists, and will be introduced to a locally-established composer who will work with the duos on their music.  Also, duos will have free admission to all recitals, and at least 2 separate performing opportunities.

At a Glance:

When: August 3-8, 2020
Where: Minneapolis & St. Paul
What: Everyone participates equally in ALL masterclasses (6), workshops (4), private coachings & professionally recorded public performances (2). 
Composer Contact: Opportunity to work closely with both Twin Cities-based professional composers, AND fellow Source participants on their works
Application Fee: $40 Early Bird / $55 Standard
Program Tuition: $600 for individuals, $1,150 for pre-formed duos

2019 guest artist clinicians

β€œThe passion that each member of this festival (the coordinators, guest artists, duos, composers, and audience!) brings to their art is so raw, so vital, so unconditional, and so...human. The effect of creativity, at such a high concentration, in one short week, makes me want to...go out and create something from nothing.”
— 2016 MNDuo Participant

2019 MNDuo Teams

Krista Costin, Mezzo-Soprano
Xiang Wei, pianist

Shari Eve Feldman, soprano
Jonathan King, pianist

Michaela Gleason, Alto Valdone Arffa, pianist

Harrison Hintzsche, Baritone
Mary Trotter, pianist

Liza Kelly, Mezzo-soprano
Donald Speer, pianist

Aleksandar Reupert, Bass
Mackenzie Marr, pianist

Anna Montgomery, soprano
Szu-Ying Huang, pianist

Annie Tillotson, Soprano Nathan Cicero, Pianist

This is a fantastic program.. a dynamic, engaging, art and passion-filled program... At the risk of sounding too grandiose, participating in the program reminded me why I fell in love with song in the first place.. this was the perfect reminder of what it means to be passionate about your craft.
— 2015 MNDuo Participant