Linda tutas haugen


Linda Tutas Haugen is a composer, performer, and teaching artist, whose works have been performed throughout the US and in Europe. Her catalogue of more than 48 works includes 26 choral compositions, eight orchestral scores, two major works for chorus and orchestra, an opera, multiple solo instrumental, vocal, and chamber pieces, and a piece for wind ensemble. Her work has been critically acclaimed as "music of character and genuine beauty," (Minneapolis Star Tribune) "superbly crafted... engaging... beautiful and… powerful." (Opera Today)

During her career spanning more than 20 years, Haugen has created music with an expressive lyrical style that is both moving and meaningful. She is drawn to projects that reach deeply into the well of human experience. Her willingness to confront challenging emotions and issues through her music, whether they are personal, cultural, or spiritual, inspires performers and audiences alike.

Haugen is inspired by a variety of historical, literary and ethnic sources. She uses non-traditional instrumentation such as Native American flutes, ethnic percussion, and folk instruments to bring together and explore different cultural traditions. In her opera Pocahontas, she gives musical life to the famous woman, the beginnings of colonialism, and the tragic clash of two civilizations. One critic described the performance as "one of the most riveting 100 minutes I have ever attended." Duluth Star Tribune