Evan Snyder


Winner of the 2017 Frontiers Competition for A Capacity for Evil, composer Evan L. Snyder is best known for his work for the operatic stage. A singer himself, Evan is drawn to lush melodic and harmonic writing, but most importantly, to the story-telling aspect of music. A keen advocate for the potential of the operatic art form, he is very excited that his first full-length opera, A Capacity for Evil, will be premiered this September, with Detroit’s Opera MODO.

Evan has also recently made his first forays into the world of chamber music, first as a part of a 2017 collaboration between MSU and the esteemed Fifth House Ensemble, and then as a 2018 participant inFifth House’s Fresh Inc Festival. These collaborations have allowed him to explore the narrative potentials of chamber music and the ways story can be pierced by audience in that medium.

Evan is proud to be a current graduate student of the College of Music at Michigan State University and honored to hold the position of graduate assistant to MSU’s composition area.